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Thu, 27 May 2021 - Thu, 27 May 2021


Sofia, Bulgaria


Co-organiser: Bulgarian Emergency Medical Services Association


A large-scale event will be organized in Bulgaria. It is planned to be held simultaneousely in the biggest cities of the country. It is aimed at children up to 12 years of age, in order to raise awareness, acknowledge and build positive attitude towards emergency medical staff and to prevent the aggression that has been demonstrated to the emergency teams.

The National Association of Emergency Workers, chaired by Dr. Desislava Katelieva, is a co-organizer of the event.

The President, Abdo Khoury, of the European Society for Emergency Medicine and the Chair of the Emergency Medicine Day, Roberta Petrino, will be patrons.

PLAN OF THE EVENT - Download event plan

To invite children from kindergartens and primary schools to participate in the event.

Location: outdoors - in the square or in the park;

Date: May 27, 2021 / Thursday /

Time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Necessary for the event:

- Sound equipment;

- Host of the event - to master the communication with children's audience and to read expressively;

- Children's songs for the sound of the event: Dr. Mecho, Uncle Doctor, Five Monkeys;

- Cardboard inscriptions: Emergency medical care / 112 - telephone number for emergency calls;

- Balloons with a diameter of 80 cm, with a white inscription: "Emergency aid, thank you very much!"

- Children's book "Forest Emergency", which is read at the event. 
Download children's book in English 
Download children's book in Bulgarian

- Table with books /or distributed/ - given as a gift to the children present.

Script of the event:

The host:

“Hello children!

Today is May 27 and all over the world we celebrate the day of those doctors who are the first to come to us when we need medical help. Today is the holiday of all those who work in the Emergency Department.

When an ambulance passes somewhere, even if we don't see it, we hear the sound of sirens and realize that the doctors are in a hurry to help someone who is in need.

Can any of you show us the sound of the ambulance siren?

Well done!

Let's make the sound of the ambulance siren together. Are you ready? Start!

Well done! We have never heard such a powerful ambulance siren!

And can you tell me what is written on the ambulance?

(Shows the caption “Emergency medical care”) and one more thing (shows the number 112).

This is the phone number you can dial to call an ambulance. However, only when necessary. We should not waste time of the ambulance and the doctors in vain!

Now let's describe what the ambulance doctor looks like.

What is he wearing?

With a white apron or a special medical suit.

What does he put on his face when he goes to the patient?

Medical mask.

What does he bring with it?

A bag with a variety of medical instruments enabling the doctor to hear the heart, breathing, pulse and begin to help the patient.

What kind of person do you think the doctor is?

He is good, well prepared with a lot of knowledge, brave, compassionate, savior of human life.

How do you think we should treat emergency physicians?

With respect, with gratitude for their round-the-clock work to save people's lives. We must be grateful to them, protect them and always support them.

Now I will read you this book about the Emergency medical care that the animals organized in the forest. Listen carefully. Then I will ask you who thanks the forest doctors and I will expect you to answer me correctly.

(Reading - 15 minutes.)

So, now, as I promised before reading, I am asking you: Which animals thanked the emergency teams in the forest?

The queen ant, the hedgehog, the mother bird, the foxes, all the animals.

Well done, you listened carefully!


We have gathered with you today and made a happy holiday for our emergency medics.

Now, just like in the story from the book we read, we will release a big balloon to thank everyone who works in the Emergency Department.

And together we will tell them: Emergency medical care staff, thank you very much!

All together say:

Emergency medical care staff, thank you very much! (and release the balloon).


Dear friends,

Thank you for being together today to support with our gratitude all those who work in the Emergency Department on their international holiday!

Let us never forget to thank the doctors and show them our respect and gratitude, because they fight tirelessly at any time of the day to save lives - the most valuable thing for every person.

I wish all participants in today's celebration to be healthy and next year on May 27, to be even more numerous.