181 days to go

Information session and back stage peek.


Mon, 27 May 2019 - Thu, 27 Jun 2019


Ifjúság u. 13.
7624 Pécs, Hungary


Elérhetőségek, mb. Tanszékvezető: Dr. Kanizsai Péter

Visit: https://www.bama.hu/kozelet/helyi-kozelet/szazhusz-pacienst-latnak-el-naponta-a-pecsi-surgossegin-1846184/?fbclid=IwAR0YwAZPiRIcYyMd4JmMv7ztuMa4rudYtbVWkx5hzVWwZEGXNdUTMoNzy6k

In Hungary an open day was held to have a look behind the screens in the ED and to get CPR training, ask questions and get information how the ED works. 

Also was explained that 2/3 of the patients coming in are actually not urgent. This is taking away a lot of resources from the real urgent cases. This is a serious problem for many ED's. Also was explained why patients sometimes have to wait for a while. This is not because they get lousy service, but because the most urgent cases have to go first.