117 days to go

Launch of photo catalogue to Czech Journal of emergency care


Thu, 27 May 2021 - Fri, 28 May 2021


I.P. Pavlova 185, Nová Ulice, 779 00 Olomouc, Czechia
Olomouc, Czech Republic


Czech Journal of emergency care – „URGENTNÍ MEDICÍNA“

Visit: https://urgentnimedicina.cz/en/

Emergency Day 2021 in the Czech Republic

The exhibition of world famous photographer Jindřich Štreit was one of the contributions to the Emergency Medicine Day in the year 2019. The collection of the photographs from the emergency department had a simple name: „TO THE ED!“ The cycle was also presented during 2019 EUSEM Congress in Prague.

„I have a wide experience with burdensome topics, I have been photographing in war zones, homeless people, drug addicts, prisoners or activities of mobile hospice recently. I must admitt that I have never experienced so concentrated pain as at the ED so far. I admire energy, decisiveness and profesionalism of personnel, especially in demandig situations“, said professor Jiří Štreit 2 yeas ago, after he had spent two months at ED of Olomouc University Hospital.

The Editorial board of the Czech Journal of emergency care – „URGENTNÍ MEDICÍNA“ decided to edit a catalogue of photographs as suplementum of the journal this year.

„Emergency department is a crossroad of medical and human crises, both visible and unseen. At times, the ED becomes a place of chaos when EMS ambulances are bringing one patient after the other and doctors, nurses, and other personnel must somehow manage the surge. Considering medical expertise, the staff must handle acute conditions across specialties and with different level of treatment urgency. I do not know any other medical specialty that can surprise as much even after a long practice.

The photographs, which were also a part of a travelling exhibition presented at the European Congress of Emergency Medicine in Prague in autumn 2019, capture the activities and emotions at the emergency departments more aptly than any words. Jindřich Štreit photographs in diverse settings and explores the edges of society, yet he always shares a message of humanity even if documenting places of death or imprisonment. This is one of the reasons why he managed to capture what emergency medicine is about: about life itself.“ wrote Jana Šeblová, MD, the Editor-in-Chief of URGENTNÍ MEDICÍNA in catalogue´s editorial.

The catalogue will be launched on 27th May 2021 at Olomouc University Hosptital and the exhibition of the original photographs will be publicly displayed again.

prof. Mgr. Jindřich Štreit Dr.h.c.

Born on 5th September 1946 in Vsetín, Czech Republic

World famous photographer, phenomenon and legend of photography. He went down in the history of photography already in the 1970’s with a unique photographic collection from forgotten Moravian villages. No matter if he photograps in the countryside, factories, homeless people, disabled individuals, blind, elderly, foreigners, in Sudeten Mountains, Brittany, Japan or in Siberia, his central theme remains the same: everyday´s events changing human being´s life. Thanks to his fundamental humanism all of his photographs are intimate and easily understood images portraying human existence. Jindřich Štreit had nearly 1400 individual exhibitions all over the world and participated in many other art shows. He is the author of nearly 40 books and of countless number of catalogues. His work is in many prestigious  museums and art galleries both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

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