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Posters from county hospital Jicin, Czech Republic


Wed, 27 May 2020 - Wed, 27 May 2020


Jicin, Czech Republic


County hospital Jicin

Visit: https://cs-cz.facebook.com/zhkhkas

The relatively small county hospital (County hospital Jicin, East bohemian region, Czech republic - 505 beds) celebrated EM-Day for the first time. They prepared 10 posters with modified photos from their practise and a short text.

Poster EMD 2020 1 vzor 

In this poster text in English means: "do you know...that a nurse during 12 hours shift walks 12 000 steps which is about 10 kilometers and among other things takes 20 ecg and 40 tr test tubes of blood sample?"

We are proud to belong to emergency medicine community - some of us on your gallery :-)

Thank you for your support Jicin hospital!!!