118 days to go

Virtual Grand Rounds in Ireland


Thu, 27 May 2021 - Thu, 27 May 2021


All over the country, Ireland


Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

Visit: http://www.iaem.ie/

IAEM will host an online Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds on the evening of Emergency Medicine Day, collaborating with pre-hospital colleagues to create a multi-disciplinary learning experience which will highlight the valuable contributions made by different healthcare professionals at the various stages of the patient journey. This event will build on the success of the established Pre-Hospital Grand Rounds with both pre-hospital and Emergency Department colleagues collaborating on a combined Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds. 

This series of events on Emergency Medicine Day 2021 closely follows the launch of two important documents on Paediatric Emergency Medicine, namely Paediatric Emergency Medicine in Ireland - development to date and future direction and the second edition of the Irish Children’s Triage System by the Emergency Medicine Programme on Wednesday 5th May 2021.  The Association has contributed very significantly to both these documents which reflect the need for the care of children which represent a quarter of all Emergency Department attendances to be optimised.