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Article about the needs of the Danish EMS

28 May 2021

On the occasion of Emergency Medicine Day I have written a feature article together with Henrik Ømark and Annette Jakobsen about emergency medicine in Denmark. At home, as in the rest of the world, skilled emergency doctors and emergency nurses have been crucial to hospitals' handling of the COVID pandemic. It has created respect for our young specialty and shown us the need. But it has also shown us the vulnerability. We didn't cancel anything under COVID, but took care of all emergency patients who came to us. COVID or not. In a system at the capacity limit, each new task will take something from someone else. We need robust staffing of our emergency departments and, in particular, the need for specialist doctors is critical. With the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's proposal for a dimension plan, we will not achieve the necessary number of specialists in emergency medicine for many, many years.
Christian Skjaerbaek

Recognition of child maltreatment in ED's in Europe

27 May 2021

Child maltreatment is a worldwide threat to a child’s individual physical and psychological health and has a huge impact on the socio-economic level. Emergency departments (EDs) are the main entrance to acute health care and systematic screening at the ED has shown to increase the detection rate of child maltreatment.

On EM-day we proudly present to you the results of a survey performed in 2018 & 2019 to evaluate screening of child maltreatment in EDs in Europe to define areas of improvement. The survey was kindly distributed through EUSEM, REPEM, and EuSEN key members. Hospitals were scored based on the NICE guideline on child abuse & neglect.

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Video from the Emergency Department of the Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin

26 May 2021

A beautiful video giving insight in the surrealism of the past year. Thank you soo much!



Congestion in the Emergency Unit and Referral Systems in Ghana

26 May 2021

Date: 27th May, 2021
Time: 4pm – 6pm GMT

Dr Maxwell Osei-Ampofo
National Ambulance Service 

Boahen Samuel
Sunyani municipal hospital 

Kwame Ekremet
University of Ghana Medical Centre

Emergency Medical Technicians Association of Ghana (EMTAG)- National Ambulance Service

Dr. Chris K. Oppong
Lead Clinician
Emergency Medicine Directorate- KATH

Dr Maame Fremah Kotoh-Mortty
Pediatric specialist
Presbyterian Hospital, Agogo Asante Akim North

Register for the webinar: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hg_7fjmVTsCtpPXesfCnVw  

Hosted by the Emergency Medicine Society of Ghana: https://emsog.org/ 


AFEM Open Day

26 May 2021

In commemoration of this year’s World Emergency Medicine Day 27th May 2021, AFEM is organising an open day to bring together all Organisations, Academic institutions, NGOS, government agencies, Emergency Medicine Associations and societies that are working in or interested in supporting AFEM’s vision for emergency care in Africa.