118 days to go

EM-Day supported by Czech Ministry of health

25 May 2021

The EM-Day is announced and promoted on the website of the Czech Ministry of Health. Not only the video is there, also a press release and the announcement on the launch of the photo catalogue with ED pictures made by photographer Jindrich Streit.


Support video from Hungarian Society for Emergency Medicine (2)

25 May 2021

The Hungarian Society has translated and adjusted the Official EM-Day video with their own pictures to have a bigger impact on the Hungarian audience and be more attractive to the Hungarian professionals. Thank you!! 


Support Video from Italian Ospedale Perugia

25 May 2021

Thank you very much for this great video.

Video showing support from all over the planet

25 May 2021

Dr Aman Sharma has compiled video's from his colleagues from different countries. It is great! Thank you so much for showing the global support for EM-Day.


Spanish EM-Day Campaign (2)

20 May 2021

The Spanish Society for Emergency Medicine is working on a campaign consisting of several parts:

A video to ask attention that the specialty is still not implemented in Spain - Watch here

A press release

A 5 minute "stop" outside of the hospitals to make a picture.

A Webinar with the following programme:

SEMES 27 Mayo 2021

17:00h – 17:20h Inauguración
Tomás Cobo Castro. Presidente de la OMC
Luis García Castrillo. Past President EuSEM

17:20h – 17:40h España en la IFEM
Pascual Piñera Salmerón. Vicepresidente de SEMES.

17:40h – 18:00h España en la EUSEM
Francisco Moya Torrecilla. Relaciones Internacionales de SEMES.

18:00h – 18:20h España en la sección de urgencias de la UEMS
José Luis Ruiz. Relaciones Internacionales SEMES. España en la EUSEM.

18:20h – 18:30h Debate

Thank you Spanish Society for Emergency Medicine!


Italian EM-Day campaign (2)

20 May 2021

Italy is building a strong social campaign with thousands of visualisations. 

Part of it is a sport testimonial campaign. Videos from several sport champions will be published on our social channels in the next days. Most importantly, the champions are publishing their message on their own social page and it means tens of thousands followers.

A webinar on the 27th at 15:00 CEST. The program is almost finalized.

Press release is in progress.

Many hospitals will promote the campaign on their website and social page.