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AFEM Open Day

26 May 2021

In commemoration of this year’s World Emergency Medicine Day 27th May 2021, AFEM is organising an open day to bring together all Organisations, Academic institutions, NGOS, government agencies, Emergency Medicine Associations and societies that are working in or interested in supporting AFEM’s vision for emergency care in Africa.



EM-Day webinar organised by SIMEU

26 May 2021

A webinar on the 27th at 15:00 CEST. 

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Created a wonder full poster showing 24/7 EM service

26 May 2021

Michael Reindl, Head of the Department of Acute and Emergency Medicine, AMEOS Klinik St. Clemens Oberhausen

Our department support the EM Day 2021 from Germany:
We believe in this year`s campaign theme: We are there for you and it`s true
All emergency care professionals are always there for you.
Patients can come to us 24/7/365. Even in the middle of the night or when we are understaffed. We are there for you even hidden behind a mask in such a huge pandemic
To make this happen the EM system is relying on certified and skilled professionals, because competence makes the difference. We learn for you, we train for you and this will never stop.
We are there for you, competent and ready for everything, in the ED.

"Ahi Emergency Talks" for the support and development of young doctors

25 May 2021

Dr Ömer Jaradat from Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Emergency Medicine Department (Ahi Acil), Kırşehir, Turkey is letting us know that: Kırşehir is a small city in the middle of Anatolia and has many rural areas with initial primary hospitals. The doctors who work there are mostly fresh graduated general practitioners. They mostly get shocked with the difficulties they face there. Therefore we decided to start 'Ahi Emergency Talks', a local emergency medicine meeting held twice a year to develop and share the last information for doctors in rural areas of Kırşehir. The inititative will be launched on EM-Day and will be celebrated by a meeting dinner.

EM-Day supported by Czech Ministry of health

25 May 2021

The EM-Day is announced and promoted on the website of the Czech Ministry of Health. Not only the video is there, also a press release and the announcement on the launch of the photo catalogue with ED pictures made by photographer Jindrich Streit.


Support video from Hungarian Society for Emergency Medicine (2)

25 May 2021

The Hungarian Society has translated and adjusted the Official EM-Day video with their own pictures to have a bigger impact on the Hungarian audience and be more attractive to the Hungarian professionals. Thank you!!