181 days to go

Thank you for your support

05 June 2020

Thank you so much for supporting the EM-Day Campaign. We got contributions from all corners of the world, which is amazing: even from the southern point of Argentina, Ushuaia, from Australia, Canada, USA, India and many many more. It went beyond our expectation.

Thank you so much and we are counting on you for next year!

Check the thank you video!

Roberta Petrino in the Italian news

28 May 2020

Please check this news item where the EM-Day committee chair is being interviewed by the Italian news:

Article for EM-Day in the French paper "Liberation"

28 May 2020

We had some good press coverage for the EM-Day this year. Please find the article in the French Liberation:


Publication on the video "We are EM" by the city of Besancon

28 May 2020

Abdo Khoury, our President-Elect, created the music video: We are EM, with the help of the Orchestre Victor Hugo from Besancon. An article was published about this in the local press.

Please find it here


28 May 2020

Our President-Elect, togethether with his team, made a great effort and created a tribute to all working at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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