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#werenotonlyheroes justforoneday

06 April 2021

This video was made by the European Society for Emergency Nursing. It is a message for the Belgian politicians that they are not only heroes just for one day, they need support from the government everyday by lowering the pressure and highering the working conditions and salaries. 

At the moment many care givers are sitting at home with a burn-out. That is the result of the working conditions in the situation of the pandemic. We can't be there for the patients if the policy makers are not there for us. 

This is just 1 of the cases. This is happening in many many countries. Please raise awareness in the media and the politicians in your country to start improving the situation. 


Become a supporter

01 April 2021

This years' campaign has a national focus. We think we have a bigger impact if all of our collaborators from all over the globe will approach EM-Day on a national level, translatingmost important messages into their own language and focussing on the national objectives of the EM-Day. 

In the call for collaboration is explained how we are building this years' campaign and how you can help.

If you are interested, please contact the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Webinar on burnout and resilience

05 March 2021

We had a great webinar about Burnout and Resilience on March 25th at 20:00 CET. Two great speakers shared practical tips how to manage yourself, sustain your resilience and improve your well-being. This webinar is for everybody dealing with stress.

Watch it on demand on the EUSEM Academy by just clicking on this link 

What: Webinar on Burnout and Resilience

When: 25th of March at 20:00 CET


Phil Dobson is the founder of BrainWorkshops, and author of ‘The Brain Book’. As a psychologist, coach and facilitator, he specialises in developing sustainable high performance within organisations. Using practices grounded in neuroscience and psychological research, he helps people implement a scientific approach to optimising and sustaining their performance at work. His areas of focus are in helping teams improve their performance and productivity, enhance their problem solving, and develop their resilience. 
The audience will get some practical tips on how they can manage themselves, sustain their resilience and improve their well-being.

Les Blackwell Is the CEO of MetricAid, a company focusing on advanced physician scheduling to transform hospital departments. Les will talk about self-scheduling and capacity and demand scheduling, which is applicable to any profession.

This webinar was the 2nd edition of the EM Monthly series, organised by EUSEM.

Thank you for your support

05 June 2020

Thank you so much for supporting the EM-Day Campaign. We got contributions from all corners of the world, which is amazing: even from the southern point of Argentina, Ushuaia, from Australia, Canada, USA, India and many many more. It went beyond our expectation.

Thank you so much and we are counting on you for next year!

Check the thank you video!

Roberta Petrino in the Italian news

28 May 2020

Please check this news item where the EM-Day committee chair is being interviewed by the Italian news: