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Letter for the citizens

22 May 2020

To the public 

In this time of coronavirus, emergency medicine physicians, nurses and technicians have been working round the clock to save lives and keep you safe.

Emergency physicians are experts in coping with disasters, organising under pressure the equipment, people and materials to ensure you – the public, get the treatment you need. In those countries where the specialty of emergency medicine is established, we have seen a better and more effective response.  Where there are adequate staff members, where the specialty is led by trained emergency physicians, the reception and treatment of patients has been smoother and outcomes better.

On this day – 27th May – we are celebrating our specialty of emergency medicine but also asking our governments and you, the public, to support the request for more trained specialists, recognition in all European countries of the specialty status of our physicians and to resource all our departments with sufficient nurses, technicians and equipment to ensure we can keep you safe in any future pandemics

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Press Release EM-Day 2020

20 May 2020

Last week the 2nd Press Release was shared.

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Emergency Medicine Day 2020 celebrates doctors and nurses

across the world

A web gallery to show the real faces of health professionals in the fight against coronavirus

During the Covid19 pandemic, Emergency medicine once again finds itself on the front line, saving lives all over the globe as emergency doctors and nurses work around the clock through endless shifts to provide care and assistance to both Covid and non-Covid patients. Qualified medical competence, adequate equipment and technical devices along with shared and spot-on protocols are truly saving lives in our hospitals throughout this crisis.

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Emergency Medicine Day and COVID

22 April 2020

The theme this year comes from the observation that in many places in the world there is a shortage of specialists in emergency medicine, both because there is no specialty and because the number of doctors with competence in emergency medicine is too small due to economical restrictions and poor awareness of what is needed by public investors.

The same counts for nurses and other personnel and for the resources and the organization of Emergency Services, where in many countries the equipment and pathways are insufficient and unsafe for the population.

We could never even imagine that in a few months, something would happen that put such a big accent on our request.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made this theme appropriate and evident like never before.

In those countries that have been hit hard by the SARS-Cov2, the Emergency medical system, both pre-hospital and emergency departments, had to face a situation of disaster medicine, growing exponentially for several weeks. They had to organize pathways, implement the correct use of PPE, allocate, and manage resources, human and material, manage critical patients, adapting to the events according to safety and efficacy.

It is clear that where there is sufficient personnel, competent in all these tasks, where the structure is well equipped, modern and prepared for unexpected big events, everything went smoother and the outcome was better.

It is time that we and you all make our voice loud to ask for more resources, more doctors, nurses, and structure, for the Emergency Medical System.

Webinar April 17, 15:00 CEST: Characteristics of COVID-19

17 April 2020

Today April 17 at 15:00 CEST we bring again the best speakers to your home!; Pr. Karine Lacombe, Pr. Rick Body and Pr. Jean-Louis Vincent, to talk about the characteristics of COVID-19. I can assure you they have very interesting information to share with you about e.g. screening and testing, clinical management and ethical issues.

Register now: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FRfMOLZLTBKdZR4A5L8GVQ

COVID-19 Q&A with Steve Nash and Dr. David Carr

16 April 2020

Steve Nash and Dr. David Carr, an ER physician at UHN and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto, talk about the current COVID-19 situation, how to practice safe physical distancing and hand washing, how to properly use a mask, why the coronavirus pandemic has been so difficult to contain, and the outlook for the future. With support from the Steve Nash Foundation: stevenash.org


10 April 2020

As you might have noticed, EUSEM is very active with the organisation of several webinars . To keep everything clear, we inform you that we are doing 3 different tracks of webinars, mentioned below. We made a calendar for you with information about all the webinars, including links to recordings and reports of past webinars. Check the calendar here

Symbol EuropeUpdate of the Covid situation in Europe
Speakers reporting from different European countries on the impact and the actual situation.

Registration for the second edition is open: Update of the Covid situation in Europe 


Symbol treatmentHow to treat the disease
State of the art of Covid-19 patient care and management, with special focus on patient inflow, characteristics of the disease, imaging and oxygen and the step down.

Registration is open for the first edition: How to organise pre-hospital and ED pathways and patient flow in suspected COVID-19


Symbol paediatric

Paediatric Covid-19
Review and management of the Covid-19 impact on the Paediatric Emergency Departments and patients.