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EUSEM Position paper on Emergency Medical Systems response to COVID-19

17 March 2020

The 2019 novel Coronavirus acute respiratory epidemic is creating a stressed situation in all the health systems of the affected countries. Emergency Medical systems and specifically the Emergency departments as the front line of the health systems are suffering from overload and severe working conditions, the risk of contagion and transmission of the health professionals adds a substantial burden to their daily work. Under the perspective of European Society For Emergency Medicine, the recommendations provided by the health authorities are reviewed focus on the emergency departments activity.

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13 March 2020

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Message from EUSEM to all EM professionals

13 March 2020

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

COVID-19 epidemic is putting to test all our European Healthcare Systems and especially Emergency Medical structures, which usually are operating under tension. We now have to face the worries and fears of the general population. In these circumstances, as in the previous epidemic zoonosis, Emergency Medicine structures are in the front line of the response and of healthcare systems and play a crucial role in the diagnosis, management, and monitoring of patients with COVID-19.

The professionals also face more complications in their daily work: isolations, refined triage for possible cases, different tracks, individual personal protection etc. Furthermore, continuous updates of the definitions and health authorities’ recommendations create special needs in working conditions, training and education.

Continuing to ensure regular business in the ED is not the issue. The risk of contagion and transmission of the disease is a significant concern for the Emergency Medicine structures and healthcare professionals, and this again shows your commitment in these circumstances.

The scientific Societies support the recommendations of the health authorities in terms of containment of the epidemic. We take the opportunity to highlight the importance of a structured and well-designed Emergency medical system during the normal periods because, if the systems are not tuned for those days, they won’t be able to respond in a time of crisis, such as this outbreak of COVID-19.

Taking into account these parameters, and stressing on your complete involvement in your emergency medicine structures, EUSEM has cancelled all the face to face meetings for the next weeks and will instead keep the links using video conferences when possible. Also, EUSEM has generated a position paper that intends to provide the European emergency medicine perspectives.

We want to ensure you of our commitment with you and the solidarity with the patients and their families.

EM response to Corona

06 March 2020

Since the end of January, the world is facing an outbreak of a novel virus. Europe is in the heart of this epidemy and our Emergency Departments are overwhelmed by an exceptional workload and emotional commitment.

Doctors and nurses are requested to work double or triple shifts looking after patients infected by Covid-19. Directors of EDs are involved in the decisions taken by the crisis units which will affect the life of thousands of citizens.

Exceptional organizational solutions have been taken and surge capacity increased, and the screening of hundreds of patients is done outside the EDs, with professionals wearing PPE all day long, in complex environments.

ED personnel is responding with courage, resilience and great solidarity. We would like to applaud and thank all the healthcare professionals involved: doctors, nurses, paramedics and all personnel, for what they are doing. Emergency Medicine proves once again to be the cornerstone of any healthcare system, especially in periods of disease outbreaks and major disasters. Having a good emergency care system is mandatory and should rely on a medical dispatch center and a strong out of hospital medical system.

Do we have enough? Doctors + Nurses + Services

26 February 2020

This is one of the teasers we created for the social media campaign and it was published on FB.

Preparations for EM-Day 2020 have started

13 February 2020

We are busy with the preparations for EM-Day 2020. The EM-Day workgroup is working on an app to create your own EM-Day portrait Like this one,Aman India that was sent in by Dr Aman Sharma, our loyal supporter from India. The app will be released in the beginning of March.

We are planning a social media campaign and also a short video will be launched. Work in progress....

At the same time the activities from our supporters are coming in. Already activities are planned in 6 different countries. You can see it on the map of impact Love to receive your stories and activities. Stories you can post on this website. Activities you can send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..