Thank you for your support for Emergency Medicine Day!!

04 June 2019

Emergency Medicine Day was a big success. We got so many stories, initiatives and shares from all over the world. From Mexico to Yemen to India. This is exactly how we intended it to be and we want to give you a big thank you. It makes us feel united.

Please read the report on the results of the Social Media Campaign and the invitation to join us for EM-Day 2020.

Results of photo challenge in Mexico

31 May 2019

Please find a slideshow of the results of the photo competition of the Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine.

Results from the Indian poster competition

28 May 2019

Ema India organised a national poster competition for Emergency Medicine Day. 39 Posters were received and here you can scroll through them and see how various, original and fun they are. 

We are very proud and honoured that this is all created for EM-Day.

We thank each and everyone of you for your input and support.