118 days to go

Thank you for the support!!

27 May 2019

We are receiving very nice messages and pictures from all over the world. Like this one:

Dear Team,

Please accept sincere appreciation for a great initiative

Let this draw more attention from the Health care fraternity, Policy makers and the general public to imbibe the importance of Emergency Medicine in reducing mortality and morbidity.

Kudos to all concerned


Prabhudoss. B

Chief Operating Officer - Emergency Care Services

A family of Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


And this picture from Sebastian, Mexico

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Happy Emergency Medicine Day!!!!

27 May 2019

Dear supporters,

Today we celebrate Emergency Medicine Day together with you, all over the globe.

We launched the new Campaign video for 2019 and we've send out a press release to make the impact of this day as big as possible!!

We promote the initiative thoughout the whole year, so your EM activities and stories are always welcome. So keep them coming to help us making the impact even bigger!

We are so proud to receive original activities and stories from so many countries. Thank you very much for your support!!

Please read our press release here and watch the new super cool video and share!!!!!


Video about Emergency Medical Care

07 May 2019

We invite you to look at this video submitted by the Hungarian national society for Emergency Medicine Day to emphazise the importance of EM. 


Collecting testimonials from patients

08 April 2019

We would like to collect patient testimonials to emphasise the importance of Emergency Medical Care from a patients point of view. We will use quotes from the testimonials on this website, on our social media channels and in our campaign video. 

Please click on the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3CV7LN2 to take the survey or scan the QR code with your device and give it to your patients, so they can fill it in.

QR code 3CV7LN2

New Map of Impact!

29 January 2019

We made a map of impact for you to promote your activities. It's pretty empty now, so it's time for you to post your activities. When the day draws nearer we will have a nice overview of the impact on a global scale.

Posters made by contributors

28 January 2019

Our supporter and contributor Murat Cetin, from the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, has made several promotional posters for EM-Day. Click on the material page to find them.