124 days to go

The 2020 theme: For an effective emergency system, Ask for more: doctors, nurses, services The shortage of doctors, nurses, services and resources in emergency medicine is a global issue, which was very much emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic. The shortage has left a massive impact in many countries around the world. The lack of professionals compromises the universal right to health, for there are not enough resources to guarantee the most effective treatment in the shortest possible time. We need more doctors, more nurses and more services because the right to medical assistance should be a real possibility for everyone.

We are raising awareness to this theme with the following initiatives.

  1. The "Face of Emergency Medicine" photo campaign.
    Thanks to your contributions through the EM-Day photo app we are able to show the real faces of emergency professionals from around the world. Doctors and nurses are showing their end of shift face, and the burden of fatigue and passion, satisfaction and frustration, anxiety and gratification that comes along with their rescuing lives job. Check the gallery
  2. Official video launched on the EM-Day. We keep the tradition of launching a video every year.
  3. "We are EM" video. To pay a tribute to all health care professionals who fought COVID-19 and those who died, we created a remix from "We are the World" with special lyrics and contributions from all over the planet, edited into this video. To be launched soon.
  4. EM-Day challenge. Join this challenge by posting on fb or tweeting within a specified time frame, your feeling, a statement, a picture, a video or anything related to EM-Day and the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Can you answer these questions for us?
    1. Why should EM be a recognised specialty all over the world.
    2. WHat role played EM during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  5. Social media campaign. 

We'll keep you updated.

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