49 days to go

For this years campaign to promote and raise awareness worldwide of how a well-organized Emergency Medicine System increases the possibility of survival of patients, reduces the rate of disability after medical emergencies, and helps to contain the economic costs of emergencies. For this reason, the service must be free and accessible to everyone in the world and must meet the highest possible quality standards.

Covid-19: the international health emergency has made even more evident the central role that a free and accessible emergency-urgency service plays. A system that must rely on shared and certified professional skills to guarantee, both in ordinary and extraordinary situations, an efficient handling of the citizens’ health and safety.

The 2020 theme: For an effective emergency system, Ask for more: doctors, nurses, services The shortage of doctors and nurses in emergency medicine is a global issue, which affects many countries around the world. The lack of professionals compromises the universal right to health, for there are not enough resources to guarantee the most effective treatment in the shortest possible time. We need more doctors, more nurses and more services because the right to medical assistance should be a real possibility for everyone.

The "Face of Emergency Medicine" photo campaign

This year's Emergency Medicine Day will show the real faces of emergency professionals from around the world. Doctors and nurses will show their end of shift face, and the burden of fatigue and passion, satisfaction and frustration, anxiety and gratification that comes along with their rescuing lives job. In order to do this, EMDAY launches today a Call for Photos: doctors and nurses from all over the world are invited to send their photo at the end of their shift, along with their name and clock out time, to show their 24-hour endurance in emergency care in an effort to never leave a vital service uncovered. A dedicated web app is now available, https://photo.emergencymedicine-day.org/, to send photos and the required data. The images will be posted on the campaign's social media, and on this website. 

Events around the world: the Map of Impact For its third consecutive year, several events, conferences, training courses and meetings with the general population will be organized on Emergency Medicine Day to promote a greater knowledge of the importance and functioning of health emergency systems.

Continuously, the official website will update the Map of Impact with the report of the events scheduled in the different countries.

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