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May 17, 2023





With support from the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM), and the Emergency Medicine Society of Ghana (EMSOG), SnooCODE RED is organizing a series of interdisciplinary conference (and network building) sessions to delve into the Problems and cost-effective Solutions in the EMS (Emergency Medicine Service) sector in the developing world, particularly Africa.

The 1st webinar, scheduled for Wednesday 17th May 202312 noon to 3:30pm GMT, is organized in preparation for Emergency Medicine Day 2023, and will be focused on the Problems faced in low-resource settings.

Please find more information and registration HERE


Event Partners and Moderators:

Event Partners and Moderators:Royal Academy of Engineering | African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) | EmergencyMedicine Society of Ghana (EMSOG) | | Liberia National Red Cross Society | Emergency MedicineKenya Foundation | Namibia Private Ambulance Service | Benka Life, Cameroon


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