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EM-Day 2023

This year the Emergency Medicine Day campaign is dedicated to safety. Safety for our patients, who need care, attention and relief from pain and disease. Safety for our colleagues, who need to be able to work in a secure environment, for the right number of hours with the right number of patients in order to be able to give them the right amount of our time and energy.
Only in these conditions are we sure to provide the patient with a safe haven in an emergency

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Webinar: Safety culture in the Emergency Department

26 May, 14:00-16:00 CEST

Webinar: Safety culture in the Emergency Department

Results will be presented from a survey about safety for professionals, patients, and patient organisations.
We will look at improvements that can be made from different perspectives and on different levels with interesting speakers representing World Health Organisation, International Federation for Emergency Medicine, International Alliance of Patients Organisations and more. For all details download the programma (PDF).

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EM-Day Policy statement about working safely in the ED is published!

The EM-Day taskforce has written a policy statement about minimal standards for safe working conditions in Emergency Medicine. It is published in the European Journal for Emergency Medicine. Share it as much as you can so it will be noticed by our policy makers!

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