Our supporters

If your company or organisation aligns with our mission to enhance the competence of emergency medicine workers and make emergency medical care more accessible worldwide, we need your support!


Emergency Medicine Day  would not be possible without the financial contribution of our partners.

If you would lilke to join our campaogn as an official partner of Emergency Medicine Day, and become a part our community, reach out! Isupport@emergencymedicine-day.org


You can also support our campaign by sharing a message to raise awareness!

Create your own infographic and share a message with the community. Visit the Stories webpage on our website and click on “Share Your Story.” 

You can save your infographic in two different sizes, share it on social media or download the printable version. Alternatively, you can organise a course or event to support the EM Day campaign.

Then we will be proud to put your logo or name right here on this page for the world to see we care about Emergency Medicine.