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The Campaign Theme for 2023 is: YOUR SAFETY – OUR PRIORITY

This year the Emergency Medicine Day campaign is dedicated to safety. Safety for our patients, who need care, attention and relief from pain and disease. Safety for our colleagues, who need to be able to work in a secure environment, for the right number of hours with the right number of patients in order to be able to give them the right amount of our time and energy.

Only in these conditions are we sure to provide the patient with a safe haven in an emergency. READ MORE


The nature of emergency medicine means that those working in it are always under stress, and this stress has increased greatly during the pandemic. People are suffering from fatigue, burn-out and depression, and many emergency departments are understaffed, putting the quality of the healthcare they can provide at risk. It is vital both for them and for patients that emergency medicine professionals get what they need: more attention, better recognition and improved working conditions.

This should be addressed by the stakeholders and politicians for constructive change. We need to make sure that they are aware. Help raising the awareness by advocating for EM-Day through all your and our media channels. You can start by sharing your story, sharing the logo or other materials from our material page, organise an event or activity, contact your local media and send in an editorial or do an interview. There are so many ways to support the EM-Day campaign. #emergencymedicineday @emergencyday @emergencymedicineday @emergency_day


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A call to the people to support the Emergency Medical System

The international Emergency Medicine Day (EM-Day) on the 27th of May, launched by EUSEM, European Society for Emergency Medicine, is coming back for its fourth consecutive year. EUSEM organizes the EM Day to promote and raise awareness worldwide of how a well-organized Emergency Medicine System increases the possibility of survival of patients and reduces the rate of disability after medical emergencies. COVID-19 has made very clear that a free and accessible Emergency-Medicine System is essential in facing all the challenges the pandemic brings.

The EM system is relying on certified and skilled professionals.

Who would have thought that the professionals would be put to the test for so long. Physicians, nurses, paramedics and technicians in the front lines, are feeling the grave impact of this pandemic: high pressure, exhaustion, burn-out and sickness.

The people have been grateful, applauding the best intentions of the work-force who are managing with a lack of personnel, lack of resources and lack of protective measures. Transporting patients to other hospitals to provide good care for everybody. Working double shifts to cover for infected colleagues, neglecting their own families for the good cause.

The pandemic uncovered the weaknesses of the EM system in each country, each with their specific problems. Now is the time to let the people know they and their loved ones are vulnerable in a lacking system and something needs to be done to lower the risk of improper treatment and prolonged sickness.


We ask all the people to support EM-Day and ask for a system that is more resistant to pandemics, better resourced with staff and materials and not overcrowded.

Everybody can contribute by taking care of prevention: Wear masks, helmets and seatbelts, wash your hands and watch your symptoms carefully. Together we can bring some relieve to the professionals. WE HAVE TO GUARANTEE THAT THE CARE PROVIDERS CAN ALWAYS BE THERE FOR US.

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doctors + nurses + services


The theme this year comes from the observation that in many places in the world there is a shortage of specialists in emergency medicine, both because there is no specialty and because the number of doctors with competence in emergency medicine is too small due to economical restrictions and poor awareness of what is needed by public investors.

The same counts for nurses and other personnel and for the resources and the organization of Emergency Services, where in many countries the equipment and pathways are insufficient and unsafe for the population.

We could never even imagine that in a few months, something would happen that put such a big accent on our request.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made this theme appropriate and evident like never before.

In those countries that have been hit hard by the SARS-Cov2, the Emergency medical system, both pre-hospital and emergency departments, had to face a situation of disaster medicine, growing exponentially for several weeks. They had to organize pathways, implement the correct use of PPE, allocate, and manage resources, human and material, manage critical patients, adapting to the events according to safety and efficacy.

It is clear that where there is sufficient personnel, competent in all these tasks, where the structure is well equipped, modern and prepared for unexpected big events, everything went smoother and the outcome was better.

It is time that we and you all make our voice loud to ask for more resources, more doctors, nurses, and structure, for the Emergency Medical System.

2018 + 2019: Competence makes the difference

Emergency medical care is better performed with competent professionals, doctors specialist in emergency medicine, nurses trained in emergency and acute care, paramedics, technicians, support personnel competent and working in organized structures and systems dedicated to emergency medical care.

To show to people and governments that this organization makes a difference in terms of morbidity, mortality, and cost-effectiveness.

The main mission of Emergency Medicine Day is to higher the level of competence around the world. Competence also means access. Giving people in remote and underdeveloped areas access to emergency medical care.

This will be the campaign theme in the first years of EM-Day. Our mission has to be made clear.

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