Emergency Medicine Day Webinar

Climate change is a health emergency too!

27 May 2024, 14:30-16:00

This year’s webinar will discuss the impact of climate change on Emergency Medical Services. Are emergency medicine teams prepared to manage the patients affected by heatwaves, floods and vector borne diseases?

Speaker: Roberta Petrino, Chair of EM Day Working Group
14:35The Emergency Medicine Day campaign: objectives and achievements
Speaker: Roberta Petrino, (Switzerland)
 Climate change and its impact on health
Chairs: Basak Yilmaz (Turkey), Bulut Demirel (Turkey)
14:45Climate change and health: an objective for WHO
Speaker: Antonios Kolimenakis, (Switzerland)
15:00Systematic review of impact of climate change on EMS
Speaker: Luis Castrillo, (Spain)
 Country Specific experiences in managing patients impacted by climate change
Chairs: Jim Connolly (UK), Abdo Khoury (France)
15:15Climatologist perspective
Speaker: Esteban Rodriguez, (Spain)
Countries impacted by floods – Matteo Paganini (Italy)
Heat emergencies in the era of climate change- Thomas Lardaro, (USA)
New challenges in emerging infectious diseases- Daniel Paris, (Switzerland)
16:00Closing remarks

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