On the 27th of May it’s Emergency Medicine Day. EUSEM, the European Society for Emergency Medicine, started with this campaign, because there’s a lack of staff and resources in the emergency departments (EDs), and a lack of recognition of the importance of a well established emergency care system.

This years campaign is dedicated to patient and professional safety. When a ED is understaffed or the professionals are on the brink of burnout, you can imagine they can’t provide the care that a patient needs.

This is really a threat to the health care system in many countries.


We strongly believe it is of the utmost importance that we can provide concrete data to the relevant stakeholders to reflect our distress and how this can threaten the safety of both patients as professionals.

We invite you to respond to this five-minute survey and provide us with information about your experience in the ED as patient or the accompanying person of a patient if you or someone in your family has used the ED in the past year.

In parallel to this survey we are sending a questionnaire to patients’ organisation and to professionals, with the hope that the results of the three surveys will describe the situation in an unequivocal way.

The results of these surveys will be published on the EM day and will be circulated to media and politicians.

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