Letter for the citizens

To the public 

In this time of coronavirus, emergency medicine physicians, nurses and technicians have been working round the clock to save lives and keep you safe.

Emergency physicians are experts in coping with disasters, organising under pressure the equipment, people and materials to ensure you – the public, get the treatment you need. In those countries where the specialty of emergency medicine is established, we have seen a better and more effective response.  Where there are adequate staff members, where the specialty is led by trained emergency physicians, the reception and treatment of patients has been smoother and outcomes better.

On this day – 27th May – we are celebrating our specialty of emergency medicine but also asking our governments and you, the public, to support the request for more trained specialists, recognition in all European countries of the specialty status of our physicians and to resource all our departments with sufficient nurses, technicians and equipment to ensure we can keep you safe in any future pandemics

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