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Press Release

Support Emergency Medicine Day

27 May 2021

“We are always there for you”

The international Emergency Medicine Day (EM-Day), is back on 27 May for its fourth consecutive year. European Society for Emergency Medicine organizes the EM Day to promote and raise awareness worldwide on how a well-organized Emergency Medicine System can increase the survival of patients and reduces the rate of disability after medical emergencies. COVID-19 has made it very clear that a free and accessible Emergency-Medicine System is essential in facing the challenges of a pandemic. The EM system is relying on certified and skilled professionals. Who would have thought that the professionals would be put to the test for so long. Physicians, nurses, paramedics and technicians on the front lines, are feeling the grave impact of this pandemic: high pressure, exhaustion, burn-out and sickness.

The public have been grateful, applauding the best intentions of the work-force who are managing with a lack of personnel, lack of resources and lack of protective measures. Transporting patients to other hospitals to provide good care for everybody. Working double shifts to cover for infected colleagues, neglecting their own families for the good cause.

The pandemic uncovered weaknesses of the EM system in each country, each with their specific problems. Now is the time to let the public know something needs to be done to lower the risk of improper treatment and prolonged sickness.


We ask all the people to support EM-Day and ask for a system that is more resistant to pandemics, better resourced with staff and materials and not overcrowded.


About European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM)

European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM INPO) is a non-profit scientific organisation whose aim is to promote and foster the concept, philosophy and the art of emergency medicine throughout Europe. The ultimate objective of the Society is to help and support European nations to Improve the quality of emergency medical care. Born as a society of individuals in 1994 from a multidisciplinary group of experts in emergency medicine, since 2005 EUSEM also incorporates a Federation which currently includes 36 European national societies of emergency medicine representing over 14000 specialists in the field across Europe.
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