Greka Athina Medecins du Monde Greece, Greece

Refugee…. aged 93!
They have left their home, taking only a suitcase, children cuddling and their animals.
The men had to stay in the country, with a travel ban.
They had to wait about 18 hours to leave the country at the border.
They were elderly, pregnant, children!
At the entrance to Siret, Suceava, Romania, there were instructions signs (humanitarian aid, final destination, etc.)
The planes, the buses, the camps were flooded with people who lost everything .
The future of their survival depend on negotiations….
They did not speak any language other than Ukrainian.
They cried because they found a doctor, a medicine, a hot tea, a plate of soup, a lollipop, a smile, a hug …. All these do not need interpretation! They only need a soul!
It is difficult for the people to “pay” decisions for which they were never asked …
History during the Médecins du Monde Greece Humanitarian Aid Mission – Doctors of the World
Moments and looks that engraved our souls forever!

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