Harish Telu, United Kingdom (UK)

I get to asked this question quite often . What is emergency medicine and Why did I choose emergency medicine ? During my internship I was posted in casualty room for a month .
I was attending breathing difficulty patient few min ago and I was on to severe traumatic brain injury and then a crying baby .
No other speciality had this privilege of serving wide variety of patients when they need the doctor the most .
It was quite satisfying to see an extremely sick patient get better and resuscitation is stressful and also most satisfying when we get desired results.
You can practice adult , Pediatric, medical , surgical and even toxicology.
Emergency medicine is not easy to practice. You don’t get enough credit from patient attendants and many a times from other consultants take credit of your work. You won’t have your patients . But , there is no better feeling than helping someone who need the help . EM changed perspective of my life. It just made me realise how important life is and the most satisfying is someone who had cardiac arrest getting better.
Emergency medicine has all emotions in a single branch . It has happiness , adrenaline rush , joy , sadness and low moods . I never regretted part of EM team and so proud of it .
I wish and hope BLS becomes part of every school curriculum accross the world .
Happy emergency medicine day everyone .

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