Joseph Essien , United Kingdom (UK)

Emergency Medicine is a great speciality that brings together a diverse group of professionals with unique skills to work in an acute setting with the aim of providing excellent care. I currently work as Senior Clinical Fellow (Education and Simulation) at the West Middlesex University Hospital, London. It has been a unique opportunity to experience the interplay to great innovation and improvement to Emergency Care in line with global standards while also offering training platforms for clinicians. I have enjoyed the experience of leading Emergency Care Quality improvement projects in areas of Cognitive Assessment in Emergency Department, Asthma Care, Paediatric Triage, Hyperemesis Gravidarum Management in ED and Senior Review for High risk patient. I am also a student of the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education Certificate Course Training to Teach in Medicine where I am integrated the knowledge gained in the course to roll out regular innovative educational design programme for the Emergency department. The Field of Emergency Medicine offers a vast variety of clinical exposure that creates the optimum tools requires for a growth in any clinicians’ professional career.

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