Nérée Bapolisi, Congo

I will never forget this 40-year-old cervical trauma transferred without a neck brace on a motorcycle and the next day this 26-year-old patient whom I received 3 years ago when I started a surgery residency … she had been hit by a jeep and seriously injured, especially in the pelvis: all her clothes were torn, people took pictures … a passerby, a volunteer, put her on a motorcycle.
I still see this bike come with the lady in the emergency room. She had a pelvic fracture and was 3 months pregnant…
After minimal management in the emergency room, she underwent surgery (external pelvic fixator) and, thank God, six months later, she gave birth to a beautiful girl.
But I wondered why she came on a motorcycle? Did this Good Samaritan understood all the risks she ran? And what about all the other traumatized and people with medical or surgical emergencies who arrived in that emergency room where there was no one trained specifically in the field!?!?
Since I decided to do emergency medicine to deal with the lack of emergency medicine services in my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Here I am now, resident in emergency medicine and one of the pioneers of this field in my country, motivated to learn from others and to transmit this art in my country.
Nérée B

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