Ömer Jaradat, Turkey

I am senior emergency medicine resident at Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Teaching and Research Hospital, Kırşehir, Turkey. Because of Emergency Medicine Day, I want to talk shortly about two things; the motivation for choosing EM and our contribution for emergency medicine at the local community.
While I was planning a very different career, I recognized that I couldn’t be able to choose a speciality rather than Emergency Medicine. It is Indefinable pleasure to help patients in their most crucial moment, that’s why I’m at EM.
We are the only tertiary referral hospital in Kırşehir which is a small city in the middle of Anatolia and has many rural areas with initial primary hospitals.
Unfortunately, the doctors who work there are fresh graduated general practitioners. They mostly get shocked with the difficulties they face there. Therefore we started ‘Ahi Emergency Talks’, a local emergency medicine meeting held twice a year to develop and share the last information for doctors who work in rural areas of Kırşehir. Aiming for making our colleagues more confident while providing a better healthcare service.

This is our method in raising the awareness about Emergency Medicine in our local community.

Wish you all a happy emergency medicine day.

Kind Regards


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