Hello everyone. I am Seda Özaltın, I am a resident doctor at the emergency depertment in Kanuni Sultan Süleyman EAH, Istanbul, Turkey.  I’m in the emergency service because I like to help people.
I work as a resident of the chairman of the board of the Emergency Medicine Physicians Association of Turkey, Başar Cander.
The number of patients in our clinic reaches to 3000 some days. Even we work in a challenging environment, we still overcome such a difficult situation. I would like to talk about a team of young emergency medicine doctors established in Turkey called EMDATE. That is created with the combination of ‘emergency medicine’ and ‘date’ words. in addition, it means dynamic emergency training. The aim of this team is to educate all emergency medical staff and inform in a fun way.  We are indeed a dynamic team that can organize 3 congresses in 1 year.  Our motto is that nobody feels alone in the emergency services.
Happy Emergency medicine day to all emergency medical staff..

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