Webinar on COVID-19: 28 March 9:00 AM CET

In the actual Covid-19 crisis, sharing information is of extreme importance to learn and improve for now and the future. EUSEM wants to stimulate this by using its network and facilitate the transference of experiences between participating members from all over Europe, providing a unique insight of the real situation in the EDs with up to date experiences and difficulties faced during the different periods of the epidemic.

A 90 minute webinar is going to take place this Saturday, 28th March at 9:00 AM CET. 

We will have speakers from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, UK and The Netherlands. Each representative will give an insight of the situation in their country, addressing the actual situation, methods of triage, approach and lessons learned.

Watch the live stream on Facebook and have a clear perspective of the Covid-19 management in different settings across Europe focused on the emergency health systems.

When: Mar 28, 2020 09:00 AM CET

Topic: COVID-19: a unique insight in high impacted European countries

Live stream on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialEUSEM/

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