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We would like to hear about your experiences with emergency medical care.

Why did you become an emergency medical care provider? Or did someone help you when you were in need of immediate care? Were you on a mountain top or at the bus stop? Were you on a tropical island or in the safety of your home? Did you get hit by a stroke or did you come to the rescue of children in a warzone? Were you in a car accident or got stuck in traffic riding the ambulance?

By talking about it we want to spread the awareness how broad the working field of an emergency care provider is. This specialty is needed in the most extreme or ordinary circumstances everywhere on the planet and also in your home. 

It is very important that you get competent and quick help when you are in a life threathening situation.

1 out of 3 citizens visit the Emergency Department annually. That means there are many stories to be told. Tell us yours! 

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Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Nérée Bapolisi, Congo

I will never forget this 40-year-old cervical trauma transferred without a neck brace on a motorcycle and the next day this 26-year-old patient whom I received 3 years ago when I started a surgery res...

ozlem karagun, Turkey

# We are always there for you #Forever#Together Baskent University Emergency Medicine Department, Turkey

Strecker Franziska, Switzerland

Am 27. Mai findet der internationale Tag der Notfallmedizin (Emergency Medicine Day) statt. Weltweit machen Notfallorganisationen auf ihre systemrelevante Arbeit aufmerksam. So bringen auch die Notfal...


The intensity of conflict in Gaza between 10-21 May 2021 has seen the gravest hostilities since 2014. More than 1900 injured and 250 killed including 66 children, bought the healthcare system to near ...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Christien Slotboom-Vreugdenhil, Netherlands

Since 2013 I am a emergency physician and doing my job with compassion and joy. Of course there are ups and downs, busy day's and days with time for socialization and teaching. The variety, the gratit...

Joseph Essien , United Kingdom (UK)

Emergency Medicine is a great speciality that brings together a diverse group of professionals with unique skills to work in an acute setting with the aim of providing excellent care. I currently work...


There are two outlying islands in Taitung, Taiwan. There are only two public health centres and one clinic, no other hospitals. As an air medical transport team, we are on call throughout the day, rea...


The mission of Doctors of the World of Greece is located in #Siret, on the Romanian-Ukrainian border, where every day thousands of people gather and wait in the middle of frost that reaches -10οC, to...

Greka Athina Medecins du Monde Greece, Greece

Refugee.... aged 93! They have left their home, taking only a suitcase, children cuddling and their animals. The men had to stay in the country, with a travel ban. They had to wait about 18 hours to ...

Ravi Teja Kethavath, United Kingdom (UK)

I'm an #EmergencyPhysician not bound by borders, wide range of capabilities and risks too in performing. Here comes an ordinarily extraordinary day #visakhapatnam. I came to meet a #Neurosurgery Frie...

Harish Telu, United Kingdom (UK)

I get to asked this question quite often . What is emergency medicine and Why did I choose emergency medicine ? During my internship I was posted in casualty room for a month . I was attending breathi...

Rimy Dey, United Kingdom (UK)

#RaiseTheBar The day I joined my Emergency Medicine training, I was literally shaking in my shoes. Hardly a day into it and I knew it’s going to be a mixed bag of adventures, lots of sweat and tea...

Otari Dikhaminjia, Georgia

i am very happy when i see the patients recovering from their problems very well, this daily routine gives energy .

The All-Ukrainian Resuscitation Council and Emergency Medicine

Serhiy Chornobryvets, paramedic, Ukraine: "We will all face the PTSD" "Fall to the ground, fast!!! Otherwise I'll shoot everyone and I won't get anything for it!!!". So the russian occupiers in the ...

Emad Abu Yaqeen , Jordan

COVID19 closed and lockdown nearly everything except Emergency Care We was there facing both traditional and non traditional situations surrounded by unknown virus at that time just to take care of y...

Martin Jakl, Czech Republic

When night shift starts and you hear plenty sirens roaring, you know it will be hard. That night it was rather weird, like a movie by Tarantino. When I entered a ward, it was full of firemen and polic...

The All-Ukrainian Resuscitation Council, Ukraine

They cooked borshtch on bricks and went on calls under fire: Chernihiv "emergency" kept the medical front in the city for 42 days "Please call me when I return home from work. Then we can talk", - K...

Rakesh GS, India

A middle aged male presented to AIIMS Jodhpur ER , with history of sudden onset breathlessness. Patient was severely hypoxic, blood pressure of 270 / 130 mm hg . Bilateral crept present . ABG showed s...

LEMA Libyan Emergency Medicine Association , Libya

The situation in Libya is not sustainable but the Emergency medicine is growing by the support of Libian Emergency Medicine Association    

Yeliz Cam, Germany

Vivantes emergency Berlin Schöneberg

Dr. Karim Bouzham, Norway

No day is the same


The epidemic is severe. A pair of hands, a pair of sincere eyes, and a firm heart have fallen heavily on every anti-epidemic hero. I don’t know how many days I spent with sweaty sleeves~ It’s good...

Kevin Xhori, Albania

Part of the prehospital care emergency department of QSU "NT" in Tirana, we are here to take care of you, always with a smile on!

Eleonora Tubertini, Bologna, Italy

Even at the end of the shift, we found the time to take a picture all together to celebrate Emergency Medicine Day. We are senior and young doctors, we are resident doctors, but we share the passion f...

Annette Kary, Germany

We take care for you. Please take care of us! AMEOS unterstützt Emergency Medicine Day Stress, Erschöpfung, Burn Out: Die Herausforderungen die an eine Zentrale Notaufnahme gestellt werden wachsen...

Felix Rockmann, Germany

EQUIPPED FOR EMERGENCIES In the emergency center of the Barmherzige Brüder Regensburg all patients who are acutely ill or injured are treated. It represents the link between the hospital and outpatie...

Abubaker Mohamed, Sudan

We really take care of you , our priority to makes your life easier and better In Sudan where I work unfortunately, still our colleagues don't understand what Emergency Medicine means !! Help us...

Dubai Residency Training Program Emergency Department , UAE

To whom it may concern, This is Amal & Hamda Third Year ED residents from Dubai Residency Training Program- UAE Our contribution to Emergency Medicine Day is through a poster that gathers sto...

Mauricio Tapia Salazar , Mexico

Un día me di cuenta que yo no elegí ser profesional de la medicina de urgencias … la medicina de urgencias me eligió a mi!! Desde entonces he estado en la sala de urgencias, el campo de batalla d...

Guancheng Lai, Taiwan

I am an emergency Dr In the post-epidemic era, a continuous stream of mild to severe patients are coming into the ED. How to balance this weight on the shoulders of the few professionals, I hold my po...

Shahzmah Suleman, - Tanzania -

I became an emergency physician because my father was involved in a road traffic injury and because there were no emergency services available, he lost a lot of time en route before he could get any s...

Maria Adelina Ricciardelli, Italy

In Italy we fought to start the School of Specialization in Emergency Medicine and seeing so many specialists change jobs due to the difficult conditions in which the Emergency System finds itself thr...

Dr.Emad Abu Yaqeen

Safe environment Safe practices Safe outcomes Your safety our priority

Christine Hertrich, Germany

Die AMEOS Einrichtungen Oberhausen unterstützen den Emergency Medicine Day 2023 unter dem Motto: „Your safety is our priority!“ Denn die Sicherheit der Patientinnen und Patienten ist unsere Prior...

Dr Gunjan Dash,

First month into our EM residency, a young female presented to our ED with severe pain abdomen and hypotension and shock. ABG showed lactic acidosis, Bedside POCUS revealed hemoperitoneum, immediately...

Singh Jasvant , United Kingdom (UK)

The Blood of Strangers could hardly be bettered as a vehicle for ethical discussion. The true complexity of an ethical narrative is laid bare in “The Short Arm of Chromosome 4”. The desperate stru...

Dr Parray Mohammed , United Kingdom (UK)

There is no higher honor than to be given the responsibility to care for another human being. Proud to be an Emergentologist

Dr Kalpajit Banik, - Please select -

When Seconds count, We are there First !

Rituparna Roy, Iceland

Manipal Hospitals New Delhi, a part of Manipal Health Enterprises, India raised awareness on emergency medicine through CPR training held at the hospital and a lunch of a First Aid Book which is easil...

María Pilar López Díez, Spain

I am a Professional Patient Supporter

Dr. Luis M. Tecualt, - Please select -

Médico cirujano y partero, I.P.N. Medicina del adulto crítico. Profesor Bioquímica y Fisiopatología.

Ester Puyuelo Llausàs , Spain

Our safety is your safety

HGZ 71 IMSS CHALCO, - Please select -

Fin de semana en la zona oriente de la Megalópolis en Mexico.
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Claire Julian, Ireland

Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise celebrated Emergency Medicine Day by promoting emergency medicine care in one of the local Primary schools- Ballylinan National School in Co. Laois Ireland. The a...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Jasvant Singh(2), Georgia

I love the ED department when I work emergency medicine I feel wonderful and daily learn new methods and new cases.
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Margarito Vega, Mexico

When you are a student and you have dreams and expectations of your specialty, when you rotate through the services of a hospital, you discover what you would really like to do for the rest of your li...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Diego Vivas, Colombia,

When I realized that ER is the only place that everyone can reach 24/7/365 regardless of their condition, sometimes pain, sometimes sadness, sometimes unexpected situations that threaten life, even in...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Juliusz Jakubaszko, Poland

Chair of the Polish Society for Emergency Medicine. We are supporting EM Day from Poland. This is specially important for us right now - because we are faced with a diminishing value of emergency phy...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Roberta Petrino, Italy

In Italy Covid 19 arrived around end of February, initially in Lombardia and Veneto and then in Piemonte (my region), Emilia Romagna and less violently in many other regions. I’m working in a teac...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Dr. Emad Abu Yaqeen, Jordan

I want a stronger and integrated emergency care system! I think emergency medicine specialist can make a lot of difference specially in case of lockdown in my country they engaged in medical response...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Ravi Teja Kethavath, India

These are the times that none of us expected, none of us are prepared. Anything might be the challenge and no matter whatever is pulling us back and sick we wont be down. Advance kudos all the doctors...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Javi Mayo, Spain

El próximo 27 de mayo se celebra el “Día de Medicina en Emergencia” en reconocimiento al trabajo de profesionales médicos, enfermeros y TES. Por este motivo nace una campaña para que todos ell...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Shaghayegh Karimi, Iran

Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Suad Al Bulushi, Oman

I'm EM physician from the Sultanate of Oman. I truly believe in the importance of EM as a life-saving specialty. My passion in EM started long time ago. I fell in love with emergency medicine (EM) fro...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Silvia Musci, Italy

Being an Emergency and Urgency Nurse has always been an honor but in this time of Covid it is even more! Here in Milan we were strong and we won this time too and now that the adrenaline has gone down...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Víctor Sosa, Dominican Republic

El arte de la Medicina de Emergencias es... Desmotrar maestría ante el caos.
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Giorgiana Matei, Romania

From the frontline we are sending good thoughts and healing vibes even if We are stil in the pandemic. Hems team from Iasi, Romania

Ahmed Abdalhaleem , Sudan

Sudanese Emergency Life Support (SELS) Every year, emergency physicians in Sudan gather to provide an intensive course on principles of emergency medicine for the new trainees. This course represents ...

Eleonora Tubertini, Italy

We are emergency medicine doctors in the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Bologna, Italy. My name is Giorgio Monti, I am an emergency medicine physician and I have been working for...

Aman Sharma, United Kingdom (UK)

What do we say to the God of Death - NOT TODAY !!!