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We would like to hear about your experiences with emergency medical care.

Why did you become an emergency medical care provider? Or did someone help you when you were in need of immediate care? Were you on a mountain top or at the bus stop? Were you on a tropical island or in the safety of your home? Did you get hit by a stroke or did you come to the rescue of children in a warzone? Were you in a car accident or got stuck in traffic riding the ambulance?

By talking about it we want to spread the awareness how broad the working field of an emergency care provider is. This specialty is needed in the most extreme or ordinary circumstances everywhere on the planet and also in your home. 

It is very important that you get competent and quick help when you are in a life threathening situation.

1 out of 3 citizens visit the Emergency Department annually. That means there are many stories to be told. Tell us yours! 

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Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Nérée Bapolisi, Congo

I will never forget this 40-year-old cervical trauma transferred without a neck brace on a motorcycle and the next day this 26-year-old patient whom I received 3 years ago when I started a surgery res...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Dr Ahmed Mukhtiar, Pakistan

I am Dr Mukhtiar Ahmed, working as Head of Department of Emergency Medicine in Dow University Hospital (Ojha Campus) Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi, Pakistan. I joined here in November 201...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Dušica Janković, Serbia

Smitten by emergency medicine, Now I say that I could never do anything else in my professional life. Maybe I could, but I would never feel it as much as I feel emergency medicine. I deliberately do n...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Jasvant Singh, Georgia

“I did my best, matching up the creases of his skin, easing the bright half-moon of the needle in and out, daubing away the dark blood that rose in little balls from the needle point, tying my knots...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Desislava Katelieva, Bulgaria

Those emergency medics were awarded the prize “Bulgarians with merits” for 2018. On 26th of July 2018, the emergency team from out-hospital care branch of medical care General Toshevo, Dobrich reg...

Shahrezade Miceli, Italy

My name is Shahrezade Miceli and I'm 55 years old. About 6 years ago during a CT scan to see a kidney stone I realized I had an aneurysm and a dissection of abdominal aortic. I have been really lucky ...
Emergency Medicine Care Provider

Francesca Spiteri, Malta

It was the last night for our Foundation Doctors who were due to rotate the next day. The night was long and difficult and we had many unstable patients however at the end of the 12 hour grueling shif...

Claire Jones, United Kingdom (UK)

Bank holiday Monday 27th August. Go to work as a chef in a children’s hospice, mid morning I’m chopping garlic, chatting to the maintenance man. I get this sudden ripping sensation in my throat, t...

Lisa NEPVEU, France

Le 9 décembre 2017, en me levant de table j'ai ressentie une déchirure dans le dos, comme un coup d couteau, le souffle coupé, j'ai pu difficilement rentré chez moi, j'ai été prise de vomissemen...

roberto baldini , Italy

14 febbraio 2012 mi trovavo in ufficio mi è arrivata una pugnalata alla schiena ( un po’ prima sentivo un malessere una tenzione sul braccio una punta di dolore dietro la scapola pensavo che sarebb...

Timo Söderlund, Sweden

In September 2012, I was 48 years old, and had just said “yes” to a new assignment. The day I would start in my new role as one of the top managers of an international company was set for October ...