An underrated skill, which is patients weapon against “DEATH”

SKILL, LEADERSHIP, PERFORMANCE AND PERFECTION – All these you will find in an Emergency physician.

We play by situation and virtue, we think in seconds and act in minutes, always under constant stress and pressure working in  a big chaos, but still never exhausted, razor sharp skills and never give a chance for error yet underrated in some places. Have to say that mli am loving this branch, seeing crazy and amazing things that never seen before.

It’s a budding branch here in India and still has lots of scope, and I definitely believe that it will go a long way that any one has ever imagined, will conclude poetically:-

“Never ever took a credit because we work as a team, creating order out of chaos is our best lead”.

“Seeing the smile on patient faces fuels our mind, we the unsung warriors never take pride”.

“Our skill set is versatile which is never spoken off, but is the most silent weapon for the patient to scare DEATH off”.


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