54 days to go

1. Support us by featuring Emergency Medicine Day on your social media and website.

On the material page you can download files, like a facebook cover or a website slide, to dress up your social media channels and spread the importance of Emergency Medical Care!

And post a message to explain why Emergency Medicine is important to you and why you support us. #emergencymedicineday #isupportemday

2. Post your selfie in the EM-Day 2020 Gallery

Go to the app here https://photo.emergencymedicine-day.org. All pictures will be shown in the gallery https://photo.emergencymedicine-day.org./gallery, on social media and through other channels used for the EM-Day campaign. 

3. Post your story

We really want to know about your experience with Emergency Medicine. Are you a doctor? Did you save someone? Or a patient? Were you in an accident? Is your organisation improving medical care somewhere? We want to know everything. To give everybody an idea on the importance and scope of Emergency Medicine we want to post all your stories on the stories page https://emergencymedicine-day.org/stories.

4. Organise an event or an activity that focusses on the importance of Emergency Medical Care.

Your activity will be put on the activities page.

Just a few ideas:

  • Go on the street and educate people what they can do when an emergency happens.
  • Create and spread educational sheets with instructions for: CPR, Heimlich manoeuvre, and others.  
  • Promote us on an event, tell the people why Emergency Medicine is a very important specialty.
  • Organise a simulation to show people the scope of Emergency Medicine.
  • Write an article or give an interview for your local media.
  • Come up with a social media competition.